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The trailer for a new dystopian Egyptian TV show set 100 years in the future has left viewers gobsmacked — in a good way.

The high intensity trailer for ‘Al Nihaya’ — ‘The End’ — shows a technologically advanced, Star Wars-esque universe that is barren and destroyed.

Lead actor Yousef Al Sharif posted the teaser to his Twitter account and stated that the show would release in Ramadan. His name quickly began trending on the social media site as the clip gained tens of thousands of ‘likes’.


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’The End’ takes place in 2120; the world has been ravaged and left in ruins. We’re immediately introduced to a hero in turmoil, played by actor Youssef Al Sharif. According to descriptions of the show, it is about an engineer who is trying to counteract the impact of technology on the world, but everything changes when he meets a robot clone of himself.

At the beginning of the trailer, Al Sharif says in Arabic: “I never believed that there’s a danger that threatens life on Earth, except for a human being’s own stupidity, ignorance and corruption. And if anyone had asked me at any point about the end of the world, I would have told him the world is already standing on the edge — it doesn’t need more than a simple push for everything around us to come to an end.”

Social media users expressed their anticipation and were impressed with the high production value of the upcoming sci-fi series. From the two minute trailer, it has already garnered comparisons to Hollywood depictions of dystopia.

The show is set to air on ON Network — a group of Egyptian free-to-air channels — and is slated for a Ramadan release, which is estimated to begin in the UAE on April 23.