As Ramadan returns, so does Ramadan programming and its brightest, most beloved stars. From Dhaffer L’Abdine and Nadine Njeim to Ahmad Izz and Yousra, a slew of familiar faces will be popping up on our small screens — and our streaming services — all month long. This year, TV listings are rife with legal dramas, friendship, betrayal and a good dose of romance. Here are ten shows set to air — with a few light-hearted titles for comedic relief.



Cast: Nadine Njeim, Abed Fahed
Showing on: OSN, MBC 4

In a new addition to the star-crossed lovers genre, Tareeq follows the story of two people who hail from different worlds. They come up against various obstacles in their quest to fall in love. The romantic drama stars Abed Fahd and Tunisian-Lebanese actress — and former beauty queen — Nadine Njeim, who last year made a mark on Ramadan programming in the TV series Al Hayba. Here, Njeim plays a well-educated lawyer who comes from an underprivileged past, who crosses paths with a rich, underqualified man.


Layali Eugenie

Cast: Dhafer L’Abidine, Amina Khalil
Showing on: Starz Play, OSN

Tunisian heart-throb Dhafer L’Abidine, who stole hearts last year in Halawat Al Doniya as the cancer survivor Selim, who in love with fellow patient Amina (Hend Sabry), will return for another romantic drama. In Layali Eugenie, L’Abidine stars against Amina Khalil, who also captivated audiences in Grand Hotel. Set against a 1940s backdrop, their new show follows the story of a princess accused of killing her husband. In the middle of trying to prove her innocence, with the help of her husband’s brother, a romance begins.


La’net Karma

Cast: Haifa Wehbe, Sherine
Showing on: Starz Play

There’s been recent uncertainty surrounding the completion of Haifa Wehbe’s latest TV show, La’net Karma. The singer and actress took to Twitter to post a note apologising to fans and suggesting that “difficulties” behind the scenes could impact her show’s Ramadan release. But she quickly removed the post, leaving the fate of La’net Karma unclear. The series will tell the story of a con artist who uses her beauty, wit and charm to defraud millionaire businessmen. Her motivations around her latest victim, however, might differ than the rest.


Abu Omar Al Masri

Cast: Ahmad Izz, Arwa Jawda
Showing on: Starz Play, OSN, MBC 1

Fakhredinne (Ahmed Izz) is a lawyer with enemies in high places. He’s a man on a mission as he rallies together his fellow lawyers and tries to establish a legal organisation to help his society overcome their challenges. But he comes up against corrupt and influential authorities, who will go to any length to shut him down — even if that means breaking the law themselves. Fakhredinne must resort to more aggressive means to take them on.



Cast: Bassel Khayat, Basem Moghnieh, Danielle Rahme, Dana Mardini
Showing on: Starz Play, OSN, MBC 4

This reportedly high-budget drama promises everything you could want from a tense and ambitious thriller: murder, crime, suspense, romance, revenge and betrayal. Tango stars Ramadan regular Bassel Khayat, alongside Basem Moghnieh, Danielle Rahme and Dana Mardini. It explores the aftermath of a fatal car crash for four friends. As secrets start to emerge, the group is at risk of falling apart.


Al Hayba — The Return

Cast: Taim Hassan, Nicole Saba
Showing on: MBC 1, OSN

No Ramadan TV listing would be complete without the mention of a sequel. And what better sequel could we choose than part two of Al Hayba? The first season was an unexpected hit with audiences. The storyline introduced us to hot-headed clan leader Jabal and his family, who resided and operated up in the mountains of Lebanon, on the border of Syria. There, he crossed paths with love interest Alia, with whom he formed a complicated bond. According to showrunners, season two will explore more of Jabal’s family’s history.



Cast: Dina Al Shirbini, Mustafa Fahmi, Omar Al Saeed
Showing on: Abu Dhabi TV

Best friends Malika and Hiba are nothing alike; where Malika is romantic and even-tempered, Hiba is hysterical and rebellious. But their personalities are put to the test when, at a wedding they both attend, a bomb goes off and changes their lives forever.


Al Bshara

Cast: Jaber Naghmosh, Ahmad Saleh, Maitha Mohammad
Showing on: Emarat TV

In this comedy series that was filmed in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, a group of siblings feud for an inheritance left by their late father Saif, despite their father’s attempts to distribute his legacy equally upon his children and relatives. However, what his children don’t know is that their dad had married several wives, having several kids with them without telling anyone.


Azmi and Ashgan

Cast: Hassan Al Radad, Ami Samir Ghanem, Samir Ghanem
Showing on: OSN

Azmi and Ashgan is a light-hearted comedy that follows a peculiar married couple, who both hold regular day jobs while surreptitiously moonlighting as thieves. But, in a bizarre twist, neither of them knows that the other steals, too. The series stars Ami Samir Ghanem as Ashjan, as well as her comedy king father Samir Ghanem.


Bani Youssef

Cast: Yousra, Najla Badr, Shirin Rida
Showing on: OSN

The queen of Ramadan programming Yousra returns in this year’s umpteenth legal drama. The actress plays a former legal consultant, whose son dies in a fatal accident. She finds herself accused of murder as the investigations launch. Sentenced to death, she must find a way to prove her innocence.