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Sarah Jessica Parker in 'And Just Like That...' Image Credit: HBO Max

What’s in a name, you ask? A lot apparently for Asian fans of the new HBO Max show ‘And Just Like That...’, with its latest Diwali-themed episode featuring lead star Sarah Jessica Parker strutting around in a traditional Indian outfit.

While the dress itself, designed by famed Indian couture pair Falguni and Shane Peacock, is a sight to behold, the episode did fumble when it had Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw Preston mistakenly refer to the traditional lehenga as a sari.

In the episode, Carrie joins her realtor-turned-friend Seema (Sarita Choudhury) at a designer boutique in New York where the duo are sifting through lehengas to wear at a Diwali party thrown by the latter’s family. Carrie ends up picking out a blue and red Falguni and Shane Peacock lehenga and refers to it as a sari later on in the show.

She completes her look with a floral Mohawk, which has also drawn the wrath of several viewers.

“On a separate note Carrie looked great in this lengha! Lengha, NOT a sari, #SATC #AndJustLikeThat writers,” posted Twitter user Dilani Rabindran.

User Christabel posted: “Also absolutely LOLing at Carrie saying she found a beautiful sari in the store and comes dressed in a lehenga.”

User Zara Rahim wrote: “Someone was like “LEHENGA (which is what was in the shop/what Carrie wore) is too hard to say!!!” and bc it’s less familiar to non-desi people they just had her call everything a sari ALL while Italian X queen Carrie walks around saying Manolo Blahnik like it’s NOTHING!!!”

Meanwhile, user Sanoober Patel also weighed in to say: “Ok Carrie is apparently wearing a sari (it’s a lengha!!) And what is that in her hair!”

While the makers have yet to comment on the faux pas, the show did give voice to AR Rahman as well with the Oscar-winning music composer’s popular track ‘Humma Humma’ playing in the background while Carrie steps out of her apartment building.