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Avega Dance Creations is staging its latest dance-theatre production ‘Yatra’. The performance will be staged on August 1 at The Junction, Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz, Dubai.

The production will feature short stories talking about some journeys the artists have been on or witnessed; these could be physical, emotional or spiritual.

For ‘Yatra’, talent from different dance genres like Indian classical, contemporary, b-boying, and hip hop will converge on stage.

The six-shot premiere on August 1st is a 45-minute micro-production. Here's what you can look forward to:

1. A Boy And His Sister: The story traces the emotional journey of two siblings who experience dire differences in their access to education because of their gender and talks about how gender disparity starts at home. The script, written by Shruthi Rameshan, was inspired by a company dancer’s observations. Kevin Alexander explained, "My mother asks my sister who is doctor to tend to me with coffee and food when both of us come home from work. I am not expected to do dishes or generally contribute in the household. I can stay out late and she has a curfew. Life is very different for both of us even though we grew up in the same family." As the story was discussed with other dancers, each contributed with more such layered instances.  

2. Alhamdulilah: The story maps out the journey of an everyday hero whom Hitesh Rajani chanced upon. The gentleman, whose identity cannot be revealed, suffered an almost fatal accident that left him paralyzed torso down. Although seemingly dark, it is an uplifting tale of a beautiful relationship between the man and his caretaker and his personal journey from suicide to self-acceptance.

3. Seven Stages: The story delves into a unique co-existence between two strangers who have lost loved ones prematurely - a woman who has lost her 8-year son and a man who lost his fiancé just before his wedding. Shruthi had heard these two stories while travelling – the grieving mother had worked at a radio station in India and received a call about her son losing his life to a bullying incident at school. A soon-to-be bride recounted how her about-to-be wed cousin died in a road accident, while shopping for her trousseau in India. Seven Stages drew  inspiration from these two real-life events and explores a fictional exchange between these two.

4. Supernova: Current day influencers project a story of positivity and success- the underbelly of this story is the vulnerability and extreme humanness of their condition. It is inspired by the real-life stories of two high-achieving artists who are part of the company.

5. No Filter: Travelling through the layered bipolar relationship with social media, this is Hitesh’s take on how we are walking on thin ice with these connections.

6. Yatra: an ensemble piece that introduces and summarizes the production

Tickets are available online and priced at Dh80. Show starts at 7pm.