Step back in time and experience a theatrical tribute to the legends of the UAE through ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’, which will be staged at the Zayed Sport City Stadium, Abu Dhabi on December 2.

The official 48th UAE National Day celebratory event will showcase stories from the UAE’s past, highlighting its heritage and culture.

Inspired by local folklore, ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ will be brought to life through live performances, digital art and visual and sound effects.

“The epic scale of this production, coupled with the rich tapestry of values derived from our most precious of stories, will ensure ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ reaches a theatrical level never experienced before in the UAE. The show will create a sense of pride, which will live for many years to come and serve as a fitting masterpiece for the official 48th UAE National Day Celebration,” said Saeed Al Suwaidi, representative of the organising committee of the official 48th UAE National Day Celebration.

A limited number of tickets are now on sale online.