BTS was almost kicked out of their dorm before debut
BTS was almost kicked out of their dorm before debut Image Credit: BangtanTV/YouTube

They are the most popular South Korean boy band today, but this week, BTS members Suga and J-Hope revealed how the septet was almost kicked out of their dorm room before they became famous.

During a recent episode of an informal talk show hosted by Suga or Min Yoongi, he welcomed fellow band member and friend J-Hope. The show, which was shared on YouTube, was pre-recorded as J-Hope or Jung Ho-seok is currently serving in the South Korean military.

While the two Bangtan members spoke about the upcoming projects of J-Hope and his journey as a successful dancer and musician, at one point the conversation turned quite nostalgic as the two reminisced about the time they were trainees under BigHit Entertainment.

Suga, the BTS rapper, revealed something fans haven't known before.

They recalled the time the group used to live in their first dorm at 9-8 Nonhyeong-dong.

Most BTS fans know that the boys once lived in a small apartment, which reportedly measured a total of 56 square meter. The duo also spoke about how the dorm room was recreated in Suga's 'Amygdala' music video to depict his trainee days when he met with a car accident while working as a delivery boy.

Suga and J-hope revealed how the band almost got kicked out of that dorm before they debuted. The situation was difficult at that time, as their agency, Big Hit Music, had completely run out of money, they said.

They were asked to return home because the company could no longer afford to pay for their accommodation.

Big Hit had explained their predicament to the members and asked them to find new places to live on their own.

"We didn't know what to do... we were told to find our own places," said J-Hope.

However, the young trainees didn't have enough money to do so. J-Hope also remembered how the BTS members refused to leave.

Suga added that he and J-Hope, along with RM (Kim Nam-joon) declared: "We can't move out."

Fortunately, Big Hit, which was a small agency at that time, received an investment at the right time, allowing BTS to make its K-pop debut.

J-Hope added that he was thankful to their former CEO Bang Si-hyuk who brought the company together, and added that the early challenges allowed BTS to develop into the global stars they are today.