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Since her return to cinema, Tamil star Jyotika has been selective about the roles she plays.

After ‘Thambi’, her next release is ‘Pon Magal Vandhal’, which will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on May 29.

This is Jyothika’s 49th film. She plays Venba, a lawyer who attempts to free an innocent woman who has been wrongly convicted of a crime.

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Veteran director K Bhagyaraj plays Venba’s father, a resident of Ooty and better known as Petition Pethuraj. Pethuraj reopens a case from 2004 involving a serial killer, ‘Psycho Jyoti.’ It now becomes Venba’s mission to fight for justice and uncover the truth.

Debutant director JJ Fredrick, who has written the story, consulted legal experts including Rajsekar Pandian (co-producer at 2D Entertainment) while scripting. He also visited court proceedings for a better understanding.

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“We have addressed many issues. Viewers will relate to it,” said Fredrick, who felt that only Jyothika could carry off the role of Venba. “Even if she had asked me to wait for dates I was prepared.”

Admiring Jyothika’s commitment to work, he revealed that she has dubbed for herself. Promising surprises, Fredrick said: “Fans will see a completely different Jyothika. Being a courtroom drama, there are long dialogues. When I said ‘cut’ I had goosebumps, such was her performance.”

Interestingly ‘Pon Magal Vandhal’ has a supporting cast comprising five veteran directors — Pandiarajan, Pratap Pothen, Bhagyaraj, Thiagarajan and Parthiban.

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As a first timer was he nervous directing them?

“They were not directors at all but actors who merged completely into their characters. They have essayed roles that they have not attempted earlier,” Fredrick said.

For someone who had looked forward to a theatrical release of his debut film — earlier scheduled for March 27 — Fredrick takes the web release in his stride.

“Of course it is a different experience during a theatrical release, but under the present circumstances it was not possible. With our global audience spread in the Middle East and South Asian countries, a theatre release there looks bleak in the upcoming months. Besides once lockdown is over, there will be a scramble for theatres with several films waiting in queue,” Fredrick said. “My producers consulted me on the release. I want the film to reach a large audience, so I am happy with the OTT release. The verdict lies with the audience. This is a multi-layered story that combines an emotional drama, mystery and investigative thriller too.”

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One challenging scene was a single long shot of four minutes involving 12 artists in one location and caught in stop block.

“It took a day to execute it. This will be new for viewers,” Fredrick said.

Shot mostly in Ooty, ‘Pon Magal Vandhal’ is produced by Suriya and Jyotika’s home banner, 2D Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

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‘Pon Magal Vandhal’ releases on Amazon Prime Video on May 29.