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Tamil actor Ashok reveals the hidden director through his short film, ‘Manidham’. Ashok plays the lead in this one-act tale pivoted around a daily worker.

“We should not be complaining of lockdown as we are blessed to have a family. We get food unlike several others who are struggling outside for food,” said Ashok. “I wanted to convey this gratitude and show that even in the midst of crisis, it’s the spirit of humanity that keeps us going.”

Made during lockdown with support from wife, Sharaniya Ashok, who shot the film on her mobile phone, ‘Manidham’ gently nudges us into being compassionate towards the less privileged. Ashok besides acting has also lent his voice for the character of a policeman.

The nine-year-old, who began his acting journey with Ramanand Sagar’s well -nown television series ‘Krishna’ (now being aired on Doordarshan), has come a long way. Ashok has few films ready for release. He plays the lead in AJ Sujith’s Tamil-Telugu bilingual, ‘Priyamudan Priya’, a psychological thriller. There is also ‘Othaikku Othai’, a campus story. He is also exploring the digital medium through a Tamil web-series where he plays the antagonist.