Samantha Ruth Prabhu
Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Image Credit: Instagram

South Indian actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu has informed her fans and followers that she had been diagnosed with an auto immune condition called myositis and hopes to make a complete recovery very soon.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “Your response to the ‘Yashodha’ trailer was overwhelming. It is this love and connection that I share with all of you, that gives me the strength to deal with the seemingly unending challenges that life throws at me.”

“A few months back I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Myositis. I was hoping to share this after it had gone into remission. But it is taking a little longer than I hoped,” she added.

According to Cedars-Sinai, “myositis is a rare group of diseases characterized by inflamed muscles, which can cause prolonged muscle fatigue and weakness.”

Prabhu added in her note: “I am slowly realising that we don’t always need to put up a strong front. Accepting this vulnerability is something that I am still struggling with. The doctors are confident that I will make a complete recovery very soon. I have had good days and bad days... physically and emotionally. And even when it feels like I can’t handle one more day of this, somehow that moment passes. I guess it can only mean that I am one more day closer to recovery. I love you...THIS TOO SHALL PASS.”