A screengrab from the short film that shows Wing Commander Abhinandan's capture by Pakistan Army-1566800247652

On February 27, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) shot down two Indian fighter jets trespassing into Pakistan’s air space. The remains of one of the aircraft dropped inside Balakot, in Pakistan administered Kashmir, but Wing Commander Abhinandan was captured alive. Named ‘Operation Swift Retort’, the PAF later announced that the day would be commemorated every year. And, now we hear that an animated short by the same name is out.

Conceived and produced by DJ Kamal Mustafa, the animation seeks — in the words of the producers — to “expose the Balakot operation, and the successful capture of Abhinandan.” It is based on the sequence of events that took place on the night of February 26 and the following day.

According to sources, the PAF approved the script, and only then Mustafa began work on the film. The 23-minute long animated film is available for streaming on YouTube.