Shane, Ajay and Hasan of Mirage band.
Shane, Ajay and Hasan of Mirage band. Image Credit: Supplied

Mirage The Band, regarded as one of Pakistan’s best live acts, recently dropped a motivational song, ‘Barhe Chalo,’ from their second album, ‘Doosri Dastak’.

The track is composed in the band’s signature pop-rock genre. ‘Barhe Chalo’ is the fifth track from the album; they earlier released ‘Befikr,’ ‘Panchhi,’ which featured Alicia Dias; ‘Pyar Hua,’ and ‘Zara Suniye Tou,’ featuring Natasha Khan.

‘Barhe Chalo,’ which translates as ‘keep going,’ highlights the importance of change that can only come from within. The song has lyrics by both Sa’ad Hayat (who also features on keyboard) and Rehan Nazim (vocals).

The video of the song, which is co-directed by Hayat and Asghar Ali Ghanchi, who is also its DoP, has an interesting back story. In the words of Hayat: “We shot the video a few years ago but unfortunately lost the footage. Last month, we shot six videos of our live sessions in the studio. We experimented with different styles this time … These are performance-based videos, with different set-ups and looks, since each song has a different direction of sound and feel. We wanted to keep these simple and effective.”

Mirage was formed by Hayat, Nazim, and Hasan Mahmoud in 2003. The band has been consistently active on the local music scene. Its current live line-up features Mohsin Raza Shah on guitars, Shane Kerr on bass and Ajay Harri on drums.