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The makers of ‘Sher Dil’ have just dropped their new film’s teaser to an expectedly huge response. The film, which hits theatres in Pakistan on March 22, is said to pay tribute to the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), and should benefit from the popular sentiment of patriotism.

Set in 1965 with the film’s teaser opening with two PAF jet fighters zooming through the skies to hunt down three bogies that have entered the country’s territory.

Squadron Leader Sikander Khan (Mikaal Zulfiqar, in his first major role in a Pakistani film) is being called to duty. The teaser cuts to a later time, when Khan is apparently a senior officer at the PAF Academy and getting nostalgic about his days as a cadet, all upbeat and ready to sacrifice his life for the country.

Written and produced by Noman Khan, the film also stars Armeena Rana Khan, Sabeeka Imam, and Hassan Niazi. It comes on the heels of last year’s blockbuster, ‘Parwaz Hai Junoon’, which was also set in the backdrop of the PAF. ‘

Sher Dil’ has music by Soch band and Mustafa Zahid (of Roxen).