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Iqra Aziz with her two Best Actress awards (Critics’ and Viewers’ Choice) at the Lux Style Awards Image Credit: Supplied

‘Jhooti’ (a woman who is a liar) is popular actress Iqra Aziz’s first TV show since her marriage to long-time beau Yasir Hussain, also an actor.

The show, which recently aired its first episode, has her playing the titular role. It’s a multi-dimensional character that looks made-to-order for Aziz who has earlier demonstrated a strong ability to carry off a variety of characters on screen. What is of greater interest to viewers is the fact that Hussain is also part of the show’s lead cast. Ahmad Ali Butt also features in an important role.

Written by Ali Moeen, ‘Jhooti’ is about a woman who is a compulsive liar.

Earlier, a trailer of the drama that showed Aziz’s character pretending to be a victim of domestic abuse didn’t go down well with audiences, who found it to be too problematic. Their main grouse was that the act trivialised a very serious issue, and reinforced the stereotype of a “bad woman,” thereby promoting misogyny. The writer as well as the actors avoided commenting.