Junaid Khan and Xulfi while recording the 'Pakistan Zindabad' drum anthem Image Credit:

In March this year, the popular alternative-rock band Call released their phenomenal “drum anthem” (as they called it), titled Pakistan Zindabad, that was recorded with 40-odd drummers and percussionists of varying age groups.

The track became so big that it was recently picked up by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and, now it’s the official anthem for Pakistan’s national cricket team that’s playing in the ongoing 2018 Asia Cup in Dubai.

Produced by Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi, the music video was filmed at the historical Bradlaugh Hall in Lahore and features lead vocalist as well as critically acclaimed TV actor Junaid Khan, among others.

According to Khan, the video was re-edited for Ten Sports, by adding shots of different cricketers.