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Last week, Abdullah Qureshi released a Hamd (lyrical verse that praises the Greatness of Allah), titled ‘Ilaahi Teri Chokhat Par,’ which was originally sung by the late Junaid Jamshed.

In a statement, Qureshi said that he covered it as a tribute to one of Pakistan’s most iconic pop musicians (best known for his Vital Signs band) who turned into an evangelist in his later years.

The video of ‘Ilaahi’ is simple and sombre, in accordance with the mood of the lyrics. It is directed by Sa’ad Hashmi and produced by Musa Javaid.

Qureshi is a young singer from Islamabad who shot to fame with the many covers that he sang of popular artists, before he came out with his own tracks — ‘Dastaan,’ ‘Kaali Santro’ and ‘The Whistle Song.’ He also featured in live music TV series Nescafe Basement.