Dubai-based ‘Jalebi Baby’ singer Shweta Subram on her sweet success
Dubai-based ‘Jalebi Baby’ singer Shweta Subram Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal

Life came full circle for Dubai-based singer Shweta Subram, known for her vocals in ‘Jalebi Baby’, when she met her song’s collaborator Jason Derulo backstage this weekend.

Back in 2020 during the COVID lockdown, Subram was asked to lend her vocals to Indo-Canadian singer Tesher’s ‘Jalebi Baby’. Fueled by its massive success, Derulo created his own remixed version, which further amplified its popularity. This marked their first in-person meeting, and Derulo was quick to give her a generous shout-out, calling her “the voice that the world needs to hear more”.

“It was during COVID, and I recorded my part from home in Dubai while he recorded the song somewhere in Los Angeles… We had never met until his concert in Dubai, and it was one of the most magical experiences of my life,” said Subram in an exclusive interview with Gulf News. In the video capturing their brief interaction, the ‘Want To Want Me’ hitmaker is visibly impressed by Subram’s powerful voice.

Derulo headlined the EarthSoul Festival at the Coca-Cola Arena on June 15, performing to a full house.

“It was one of those evenings where unexpected things happened. I expected to attend his concert and witness the magic onstage. But our backstage meet-and-greet revealed his modest and humble demeanor. Despite his immense talent, he remains incredibly down-to-earth and amazing.”

Subram, born and raised in Dubai, is celebrated for her brassy voice. 

“The highlight of our meeting was him saying that he didn’t know I lived in Dubai. Had he known, he would have invited me to sing on stage with him at the concert and his words mean so much to me … He exuded so much warmth and support,” said Subram who also sang ‘Dil-e-Nadaan’ from Ayushmann Khurrana’s ‘Hawaizaada’ (2015).

But it was 'Jalebi Baby' that made her a house-hold name in the UAE. 

“The song just blew up boundaries and it continues to be a big hit and it gives me so much happiness … Everywhere I go, the introduction begins with me being called the ‘Jalebi Baby’ singer,” said Subram in an earlier interview. 

The singer was born and raised in the UAE before moving to Canada, but Dubai is the city she calls home.

“This is a city where I want to live for the rest of my life… And ‘Jalebi Baby’ happened right here when I recorded my part on my dining table and this City will always remain special to me,” said Subram.

She isn't alone. In an exclusive interview with Gulf News, Derulo also described Dubai as a bustling metropolis that has his heart.

"I love Dubai and it’s one of the places that I most frequent. My love affair with Dubai is so strong that it’s pretty amazing that it’s reciprocated. I have an amazing fan base there and they are all pretty special,” he added.