US rapper and actor Snoop Dogg
US rapper and actor Snoop Dogg Image Credit: USA Today Sports Via Reuters

Turns out Snoop Dogg is not just fast on the microphone -- he is no slouch on the track either.

The American rapper and actor made a cameo appearance at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials on Sunday, clocking 34.44 seconds in an exhibition 200 metres race and saying his performance "ain't too bad for a 52-year-old".

Snoop Dogg paid tribute to the late Los Angeles Lakers NBA star Kobe Bryant by wearing a red, blue and white tracksuit in the colors of the United States flag with Bryant's face displayed on the front.

Snoop Dogg also delighted viewers with his entertaining commentary for NBC on the steeplechase race in Eugene, Oregon.

"What we're about to see right now is they're about to get to dipping, gripping, riding, slipping and hopefully not sliding," he told viewers.

"Oh, he jumped on the top of the hurdle. You can do that? That was a cool trick right there. I liked that one. He went off the tippy-top." Snoop Dogg, who will take part in NBC Primetime coverage of the Paris Olympics starting next month, is better known in the sports world for his Snoop Youth Football League. The championship game is called the "Snooper Bowl".