Kang Daniel
Kang Daniel Image Credit: Instagram.com/daniel.k.here

Kang Daniel excited fans with the release of a teaser clip — revealing colours transforming from cyan to magenta — announcing his comeback with second mini-album titled ‘Magenta’ last week.

The K-Pop soloist confirmed the official release of the forthcoming second installment of his colour-themed series will be on August 3.

Though he dropped a teaser schedule in the lead up to the album’s release, previous reports revealed that rapper Simon Dominic will be featured artist.

“I’ve recorded all the songs. I’m now working on the post recording stage,” he revealed to fans on ‘voice-only’ V Live, Naver’s real-time broadcasting app.

Without revealing any details, he shared that the choreography is finalized and that his 2019 EP ‘Color of Me’ was made in the shortest possible time compared to his upcoming musical offering.

“I had a lot of time preparing for the album. It took longer than I thought. I had a lot of meetings. We [company] had a lot of meetings about the album concept and direction of the album,” he explained. “I personally think that this album is well-made.”

His summer comeback comes after March’s EP, ‘Cyan’ and title track, ‘2U’ as well as releasing his first-ever Korean TV drama OST for ‘Backstreet Rookie’.

To celebrate his one-year anniversary since his solo debut, the soloist will host his first ever online fan meeting, titled ‘DAN1TYST’, on July 25.