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Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise Image Credit: Instagram.com/justinbieber and Instagram.com/tomcruise

Justin Bieber has revived the long-forgotten beef he has with Tom Cruise.

Back in simpler times (2019), Bieber challenged actor Cruise to an MMA fight — and even professional UFC fighter Connor McGregor approved of the star-studded bout. Bieber seemed so intent on fighting Cruise that he even called on UFC president Dana White to host the fight. By the following year, Bieber conceded that it was a joke and that he probably didn’t stand a chance.

Now the Canadian pop star is reviving the beef with a jokey Instagram post. Uploading a black-and-white shot from his new music video for ‘Anyone’, Bieber is seen shirtless in a boxing ring, with his surname spelled out on his trunks.

“Tom Cruise is toast,” he captioned the post.

Fighter-turned-actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was quick to get in Bieber’s corner, with a quote from ‘Rocky’.

“‘You’re gonna eat lightning and crap thunder’ go get em bro,” he responded.

Cruise has yet to respond to any of Bieber’s taunts.