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Demi Lovato. Image Credit: REUTERS

Amid the anticipation for her tell-all docuseries, Demi Lovato is ready to bare her soul through song again.

The singer announced that she will release a new album ‘Dancing With the Devil… The Art of Starting Over’ on April 2.

The title is connected to her upcoming documentary ‘Dancing with the Devil’, but its initial title was just ‘The Art of Starting Over’.

“If you listen to it track by track, if you follow the track listing, it’s kind of actually like the non-official soundtrack to the documentary. Because it really does follow my life over the past couple of years,” Lovato said, according to Variety. “When we went through the track listing and kind of mapped out how it kind of coincided with my life’s story, it made sense to add the more emotional stuff in the beginning and then transition into ‘The Art of Starting Over’.”

In the run-up to the release of the four-part series on March 23, teasers for the show have seen Lovato bare it all about her drug overdose and rehab.

In one trailer, the 28-year-old said the 2018 incident nearly killed her.

“I had three strokes. I had a heart attack. My doctors said that I had five to 10 more minutes,” she said in an excerpt.

“For the past couple of years, I’ve heard a lot of stories about my life and what people think has happened. I wanted to set the record straight and reveal it all for my fans,” Lovato said. “I was left with brain damage and I still feel the effects of that.”

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In July 2018, it was reported that the singer was rushed to hospital after an apparent heroin overdose at her Hollywood Hills home. She was hospitalised for 10 days and later went into rehab for a few months.

‘Dancing With the Devil… The Art of Starting Over’ will be her first album since 2017’s ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ and will contain 19 songs plus three bonus tracks. The singer also revealed that the songs will be a mix of genres including country, R’n’B and ’90s pop.