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Bollywood singer Armaan Malik, who was in Dubai to promote his new single Aaja Na Ferrari Mein, swears not to use profanity in his songs.

“I don’t think profanity makes songs cooler. You can be hep without being vulgar and my fans love it when I keep my songs clean,” said Malik in an interview with Gulf News tabloid!.

The video for his new single features a string of club anthem staples — fast cars, Malik in a psychedelic night club and beautiful women. A group of hip-hop dancers also make an appearance.

“I wanted the world to see a new side of me. Many people think I am too mature for my age… Everyone associates me with romantic numbers and songs filled with love... passion. This is a love song, but it’s still not about love alone.”

This Bollywood playback singer, 21, who gained fame for singing for the title track for Salman Khan in Jai Ho, believes that singles give him creative liberty.

“It’s not script or actor bound… An artist has a lot of talent in him, but in Bollywood you need mould yourself into the movie script. But there’s all that music left inside you that’s looking for an outlet and singles help you discover that,” he said.

The son of musician Daboo Malik, who has 1.5 million followers on his Instagram account, is quite the social media sensation.

As a thank you to his army of fans who call themselves “Armaaneians”, he spent a day with his UAE fans at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

“I spent an entire day with my fans who have supported me and loved my music over the years. We went on the fastest roller coaster… I wasn’t a celebrity with them. We were just having fun together,” Malik added.

Read the full interview in Gulf News tabloid! soon.