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Whitney Houston smashes chart record


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Whitney Houston smashed a six-year-old chart record held by The Beatles and The Bee Gees when ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’, became her seventh consecutive US No.1, a No.14 hit in the UK.

Houston herself did not think that a song about a woman trying to win her boyfriend back had chart appeal. But Arista Record President and vive-time Grammy Award winning producer Clive Davis assured her that it would be a hit.

The song was written by Broadway composer Frank Wildhorm and 60s R& B singer Chuck Jackson.

Ed Sheeran’s lavish eccentric plans thwarted


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English singer-songwriter and musician Ed Sheeran was ordered to pull down an outdoor sauna and huge pub sign at his £1.5 million mansion in Suffolk, England, as it contravened council planning rules.

Sheeran, who scored mega hits with ‘Thinking Out Aloud’ and ‘Shape Of You’ named the pub, ‘The Lancaster Lock’ after his wife Cherry Lancaster Seaborn. But this did not please city council officers during a visit to the area. Sheeran was told to remove the five-metre sign which stood outside the former barn and the Grade II listed structure.

It was the second time that the hit-making singer was running foul with the law. The previous year his plans to build a private chapel to get married in, were also denied.

However, Sheeran’s mansion boasts an indoor pool, hot tub, treehouse, orangery, football pitch, private beach and a proposed underground cinema.

The Beatles meet the Stones for the first time


The Beatles Vs The Rolling Stones poster
The Beatles Vs The Rolling Stones poster Image Credit: Supplied

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, two iconic British bands, met for the first time during the latter’s performance at the Crawdaddy Club, in surrey, England.

The Beatles, who were new on the music scene in London, went to watch the Stones. Who was the venue’s house band in the first year. The Crawdaddy Club took its name from American blues-rock pioneer Bo Didley’s 1960’s song ‘Doing the Craw-Daddy’.

The music venue had also hosted famous acts like Led Zepplin Elton John and Rod Stewart.

George Harrison was so impressed with the Stones that he recommended that Decca Records, the same label that had passed on the Beatles , sign them on.

In 1988 when Stones lead singer Mick Jagger inducted the Beatles into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he recalled seeing John, Pau, George and Ringo in the audience at the Club.

When the Stone’s became too big an act to play local clubs, the Crawdaddy invited Eric Clapton’s first group, The Yadbirds, to become the resident band.

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The Pretty Woman singer


'Pretty Woman' still

American singer-songwriter Roy Orbison who had a 1964 UK & US No.1 single with ‘Pretty Woman’ plus over 20 US & 30 UK Top 40 singles including ‘Only the Lonely’ (1960), ‘Running Scared’ (1961).

After ‘Pretty Woman’, his last hit single, Orbison’s career began to fade before he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and joined the Travelling Wilbury’s a super group featuring Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, George Harrison and Jeff Lynne.

However, just as he was enjoying a career renaissance Orbison tragically died of a heart attack on December 6, 1958 at the age of 52.