Nam Joo-hyuk in Vigilante.
Nam Joo-hyuk in upcoming K-drama Vigilante. Image Credit: Disney+

1. Nam Joo-hyuk transforms into a police academy student for new thriller drama

K-drama actor Nam Joo-hyuk transforms into a police academy student in the first look for an upcoming thriller drama. This week over-the-top (OTT) platform Disney+ released the first stills for Vigilante starring Nam Joo-hyuk, Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Joon-hyuk, and Kim So-jin.

Fans are looking forward to watching the new K-drama that will be released later this year.

Nam Joo-hyuk takes on the role of Kim Ji-yong, a student at the police academy. The post also confirmed that Vigilante has been invited to the 28th Busan International Film Festival, which will be held in October.

According to the South Korean entertainment website, the drama is based on a popular webtoon and follows the life of a police academy student who becomes a vigilante and kills other bad people.

“This stemmed from the death of his mother at the hands of a gangster which he witnessed as a young boy. Motivated by revenge, he begins a warpath of destruction while pretending to be preparing to become a policeman. In the still, Nam Joo-hyuk looks determined, dressed in his police uniform. It tells us that by day, he is a sincere student but by night, he lives in the shadows like an anti-hero, killing people who are responsible for spreading fear and terror in the city,” the article added.

Yoo Ji-tae takes on the role of Jo Heon, the head of the investigation team adamant about chasing down the vigilante. Jo Heon is a man of principles who believes that no person should take justice into their own hands, no matter what the reason.

2. Shin-young, EXO’s Xiumin, MONSTA X’s Hyungwon on a new K-drama poster

A poster released on September 5 shows that South Korean actor Lee Shin-young, Xiumin of K-pop band EXO, Hyungwon of MONSTA X will be starring in the upcoming K-drama titled ‘CEO-dol Mart’ (working title).

They will be seen alongside Choi Jung-woon, Choi Won-myeong, and Lee Sae-on.

‘CEO-dol Mart’ tells the story of an idol group ‘Thunder Boys’, which disbands due to an unexpected incident and takes over a failing supermarket.

The newly released poster depicts the five members of Thunder Boys consisting of leader Choi Ho Rang (Lee Shin Young), main dancer Shin Tae Ho (Xiumin), rapper Jo Yi Joon (Hyungwon), vocalist Eun Young Min (Choi Won Myeong), and the popular youngest member Yoon Sang Woo (Lee Sae On).

Right on the day when they reach the peak of their careers, the group has to disband due to an unforeseen accident.

Living separated from one another for five years, they regroup after discovering a shocking truth – they are owners of a supermarket on paper.

Along with Thunder Boys, the poster also depicts experienced part-timer Oh Ye-rim (Choi Jung Woon) who has extensive experience working at supermarkets.

Not to mention, the Thunder Boys members will also discover their hidden talents while working at the supermarket guided by Ye-rim.

3. ‘The Uncanny Counter 2’ comes to a successful end

This week, the second season of the popular superhero drama ‘The Uncanny Counter’, came to an end. Reportedly, the drama based on a webtoon of the same name, wrapped up on the highest viewership ratings of the entire season.

According to Nielsen Korea, a platform that assesses viewership ratings in South Korea, the final episode of ‘The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch’ scored an average nationwide rating of 6.1 per cent, nearly doubling the show’s ratings from the previous night, setting a new personal record for Season 2.

The drama also ranked seventh on Netflix UAE.