Dwayne Johnson Image Credit: AFP

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as the next US President? The Hollywood actor could get behind the title, and so could his fans by the looks of it, after a magazine poll cast him as the hot contender to be America’s future Commander-in-Chief.

Newsweek magazine recently ran a poll where 46 per cent Americans stated they would support Johnson’s run for president. The actor himself responded to the news in an Instagram post.

“Humbling… I don’t think our Founding Fathers EVER envisioned a six-four, bald, tattooed, half-Black, half-Samoan, tequila drinking, pick up truck driving, fanny pack wearing guy joining their club — but if it ever happens it’d be my honor to serve you, the people,” the actor wrote.

This isn’t the first time The Rock’s name has come up as President. While the actor has publicly addressed it on previous occasions, albeit in jest, his new show ‘Young Rock’ also has Johnson appear as a presidential candidate in year 2032.

The comedy series is based on the actor’s early life; perhaps it could lay the foundation for the future as well. Johnson has addressed rumours about making a bid for president in future in previous media interviews.

“I would consider a presidential run in the future if that’s what the people wanted. Truly I mean that, and I’m not flippant in any way with my answer,” he told USA Today in February. “That would be up to the people. ... So I would wait, and I would listen. I would have my finger on the pulse, my ear to the ground.”