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Fans of the Caped Crusader will have to wait longer to catch the DC superhero on the big screen. Warner Bros announced on Monday that Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic ‘Dune’ is no longer premiering on December 18 and will instead move to the October 1, 2021 date, which was previously held by ‘The Batman’. The Robert Pattinson-starrer, directed by Matt Reeves, is now set to open on March 4, 2022.

And while other movies (‘The Flash’, ‘Shazam 2’) have also been delayed, one much-awaited film will actually release early. The Lana Wachowski-directed ‘Matrix 4’ — which will see Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss return to their original roles — had been set to open on April 1, 2022 and is now debuting a few months earlier on December 22, 2021.

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The studio also plans to release two yet-to-be-announced films on June 3, 2022 and August 5, 2022, Variety and Deadline reported. ‘The Flash’ starring Ezra Miller has been shifted from June 3, 2022 slot to November 4, 2022. Meanwhile, ‘Shazam 2’ has been pushed from its November 4, 2022 date and will instead open on June 2, 2023.

Warner Bros cited production delays owing to the pandemic for the release delays. Pattinson, who had resumed filming for ‘The Batman’ in the United Kingdom in August had to quit again because he was diagnosed with COVID-19. He was declared fit to shoot again in September. Currently, Warner Bros’ ‘Wonder Woman’ is still set for its December 2020 release, if all goes well.