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Kim Kardashian attends The 2021 Met Gala Image Credit: AFP

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has defended her Met Gala look on Instagram, while sharing some of the funnier memes that found their way on social media minutes after she walked the red carpet in a black Balenciaga outfit that covered every inch of her body, including her face.

Kardashian’s look soon became the most talked about on social media, which the 40-year-old later described on Instagram and the inspiration behind it, keeping in mind this year’s Met Gala theme – American independence. “What’s more American than a T-shirt head to toe?!,” she wrote.

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Kim Kardashian at the 2021 Met Gala Image Credit: AFP

Kardashian had been teasing the theme over the past several weeks, appearing in a similar avatar at one of the listening parties arranged by her estranged husband Kanye West for his album ‘Donda’. Kardashian also pulled off a similar look, this time in all leather Balenciaga, as she arrived in New York ahead of the Met Gala.

The reality star also took to her Instagram Story to share some of the funnier memes that erupted on social media, several of which compared her to a soul-sucking Dementor from the ‘Harry Potter’ series of books and films, while others turned her into a shrouded caped crusader.

But there were others who simply admired Kardashian for pulling it off the way she did. “How you the most talked about person at an event and nobody can even see you? THAT’S LEGENDARY,” one user wrote.