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‘It: Chapter Two’ continues to float up the US box office, despite drawing polarised reviews from critics and fans of the horror franchise.

The sequel to the immensely popular ‘It: Chapter One’ (2017), out now in UAE cinemas, see the Loser’s Club reunite 27 years later to battle the evil Pennywise (a menacing Bill Skarsgard), who has returned to Derry, Maine to continue his reign of terror.

Director Andy Muschietti helms the project once again, even as Hollywood A-listers James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain and Bill Hader join the cast as the grown up members of the Loser’s Club.

So, what went wrong with the film? While some have raised questions over the 2 hours, 40-minute runtime, others have brought into question the mythology of the dancing clown, which is never full flushed out in the sequel.

In this episode of the ‘I Know What You Binged Last Summer’ podcast, the Gulf News tabloid! team breaks down this new chapter to see whether the fuss has foundation.


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‘It: Chapter Two’ is out now in UAE cinemas.