Ana de Armas in No Time to Die
Ana de Armas in 'No Time to Die'. Image Credit: MGM

Two fans of Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas have filed a lawsuit against Universal Studios seeking a settlement of at least $5 million (Dh18.3 million) on behalf of affected consumers.

The lawsuit has been filed over false advertising, alleging that the fans were duped into renting the 2019 film ‘Yesterday’ because the trailer gave them the impression that the actress would appear in the film, reports Variety.

Conor Woulfe, 38, of Maryland, and Peter Michael Rosza, 44, of San Diego County, California, say they each paid $3.99 to rent the movie on Amazon Prime, only to discover that de Armas had been removed from the final cut of the film.

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Lily James and Himesh Patel in a scene from "Yesterday." Image Credit: Jonathan Prime/Universal Pictures via AP

The lawsuit accessed by Variety states: “Because consumers were promised a movie with Ana De Armas by the trailer for ‘Yesterday’, but did not receive a movie with any appearance of Ana de Armas at all, such consumers were not provided with any value for their rental or purchase.”

‘Yesterday’ stars Himesh Patel (most recently seen in ‘Don’t Look Up’) as Jack Malik, a singer-songwriter who becomes the only person on Earth to remember The Beatles after a supernatural occurrence.

He rockets to stardom after he claims the credit for the English rock band’s songs. De Armas was to appear in the film as Jack’s love interest, but her part was removed on the edit table.