Emma Stone in the poster for 'Cruella'
Emma Stone in the poster for 'Cruella' Image Credit: twitter.com/cruella

Actress Emma Stone is back and bolder than ever in the new poster for her upcoming movie ‘Cruella’.

The image, which was posted on Twitter on Tuesday, sees the actress in a vintage vampy look — smudged eyeshadow and a dark lipstick included. “Hello, Cruel World. New Trailer Tomorrow,” the caption read.

Emma Stone. Image Credit: Reuters

In the movie, the 32-year-old star will bring to life the villain from the ‘101 Dalmatians’ film and give insight into her back story.

The 1996 movie saw actress Glenn Close play Cruella de Vil, a fashion designer hell bent on kidnapping her employee’s dalmatians and turning them into a coat.

In August 2019, Stone spoke about her movie during Disney’s D23 Expo convention.

“Since you’re such huge Disney fans, we wanted to let you know a bit about the story,” Stone said at the time. “1970s set in London, it’s punk rock.”

Directed by Craig Gillespie, the trailer for ‘Cruella’ will release today and the movie is slated to release in May 2021.

In addition from movie promotions, it’s likely the ‘La La Land’ actress is going to have her hands full soon. According to reports and paparazzi pictures, Stone is expecting her first child with husband Dave McGary.