Luke Evans
Luke Evans Image Credit: Instagram/thereallukeevans

The ‘Beauty And The Beast’ actor Luke Evans says he found it difficult to “survive” as a teenager due to bullying.

The 44-year-old actor struggled during his secondary school days because he was the target of bullies and he found it hard to find a group to feel like he “fit in”, reports

“Bullies made my life hell in my teens, and it got worse as I got older. I loved to learn, but secondary school wasn’t pleasant. Surviving was a struggle. I felt I didn’t fit in anywhere and suffered,” he told Observer magazine.

The actor feels proud of himself for making the “strong and courageous” decision to move away from his family for a fresh start when he was just 16 years old.

Luke said: “I left home and Pontypool at 16 and moved alone to Cardiff.”

“It was tough to walk away from everything and everyone I knew. I started again on my own entirely. Looking back now, I see how strong and courageous that teenage boy was. Good on him.”

Luke isn’t afraid to admit he has a temper but he’ll always apologise for lashing out.

“I have a temper, but it rarely shows itself. Usually it’s when I’ve lost control of a situation and I get stressed. And normally it’s short-lived, and I’ll immediately apologise rather than hiding from it,” he said.