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Let’s hope the newly redesigned Golden Globe trophy doubles as a soap dispenser, because Sunday night’s ceremony featured some foul-mouthed Hollywood stars.

Though the language might have seemed relatively mild compared to some of the insults being bandied about the political sphere as of late, some of the winners ran afoul of the censors.

Here’s a look at who said what and what they said to get bleeped.


Arquette is known for her heartfelt and straightforward speechifying, so her profanity doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

During her acceptance speech for performance by an actress in a limited series or a motion picture made for television, Arquette talked about having to wear prosthetic teeth for the role, poking fun at her own less-than-perfect chompers.

“How many [messed]-up teeth does a person need?” she joked. “I was born with [messed]-up teeth!”

What she really said: If we were living in NBC’s ‘The Good Place,’ Arquette would call her teeth “forked.”


While accepting his Golden Globe for actor in a comedy for his portrayal of former Vice President Dick Chaney in ‘Vice,’ Bale recounted an anecdote about director Adam McKay.

According to the actor, McKay told him they needed “someone who can be absolutely charisma-free and reviled by everybody” to play the part.

Bale joked that he’s looking to begin “cornering the market on charisma-free [jerks].”

What he really said: This is a family-friendly newspaper, so we’ll just say that it rhymes with “pass coal.”


‘The Office’ star had the enviable gig of introducing Carol Burnett with a lifetime achievement award, and his ode to the comedian praised the length and breadth of her decorated career.

Carell also pointed out that through it all, Burnett has remained one of the kindest individuals to work in the business.

Or, as he put it, “Carol Burnett makes Tom Hanks look like [a jerk].”

What he really said: Like Bale, Carell, too, opted for “pass coal.”


Though a stranger to most American audiences, the English actress was a complete delight during her acceptance speech for actress in a comedy for the role of Queen Anne in ‘The Favourite.’

Colman spoke lovingly of Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone, her costars in the acclaimed film, recounting her feelings about the process.

“I had a ... blast,” she proclaimed.

What she really said: Colman had a “forking” good time.