Godzilla vs. Kong
Godzilla vs. Kong Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

A currently untitled sequel to 2021 blockbuster ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ is set to shoot in Queensland, Australia, according to government agency Screen Queensland.

According to ‘Deadline’, State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said that cameras will roll later this year in locations across the Gold Coast and the southeast on the Legendary picture which will be the fifth in its Monsterverse franchise.

Details of the sequel have been kept under wraps, although ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ director Adam Wingard told Deadline last year he would “absolutely love to continue” with the franchise, reports ‘Deadline’.

He added: “The clear starting point we teed up (in ‘GvK’), exploring Hollow Earth, I think there is a lot more to do there. This is a pre-history of Planet Earth, where all the titans come from. We tee up some mystery in this film, things I want to see resolved and explored and pushed to the next level.”

Legendary/Warner Bros’ ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ previously shot in Queensland and went on to gross over $468 million globally. Prior to the film, 2017’s ‘Kong Skull Island’ also set up shop in the region.

Producer Eric McLeod commented: “The highly skilled crews, first-rate facilities, and unique locations make filming in Australia a great experience. The Federal government’s support has always been critical to our success in achieving a high level of filmmaking and an unparalleled audience experience.”

‘Godzilla vs Kong’ was one of the most successful theatrical releases during the pandemic.