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Paramount Pictures is rebooting the 1997 hit action thriller ‘Face/Off’ with a new cast, according to a new Deadline report. The original film, directed by John Woo, starred Nicolas Cage and John Travolta as adversaries.

Though a director hasn’t been named, Oren Uziel (‘22 Jump Street’, ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’) has been announced as scriptwriter, Neal Moritz (‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’, ‘The Fast and the Furious’) as producer and David Permut (‘Hacksaw Ridge’) as executive producer.

The 1997 ‘Face/Off’ follows FBI special agent Sean Archer (Travolta), who holds a strong vendetta against homicidal sociopath Caster Troy (Cage) and undergoes facial reconstruction surgery to impersonate him. Things get increasingly complicated when Troy begins to impersonate Archer, as well.

Despite the film’s ludicrous plot, it became a critical hit, particularly due to its star duo switching roles.

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Some Twitter users have already thrown on their casting director hats and suggested who could be the new faces of Face/Off.

“The original ‘Face Off’ is dope. But if they cast Idris Elba and Mahershala Ali they might get my coins,” said film critic Rebecca Theodore-Vachon.

“If Pennywise & Ronald McDonald don’t star in the ‘Face/Off’ remake, I quit movies,” declared comic Mark Ellis.

However, author and columnist Drew Magary had different ideas.

“Hear me out: Go ahead and remake [‘Face/Off’] but KEEP Cage and Travolta and have them switch roles,” he wrote.