Why BTS’s Jungkook started crying in a live video
Why BTS’s Jungkook started crying in a live video Image Credit: Supplied

In a recent live video on the K-pop fans' online community called Weverse, BTS’ Jungkook started crying – read on to find out why.

On July 27, (July 28 morning in the UAE) Jungkook kept his word and started a live Weverse broadcast for his fans.

Even though the star seemed tired, he interacted with his fans, watched funny videos with them, and listened to music by other artists.

Jungkook, who regularly reads fans’ comments during the live saw one of the comments requesting him to watch a song written by a group of Armys (BTS fans), titled ‘Love Letter’.

The song was created to celebrate the K-pop group’s tenth anniversary, this year.

Intrigued, Jungkook went straight to his internet browser and found the song sung by the Armys group.

As he listened to the song, Jungkook became noticeably emotional.

The idol was so touched by the song that, by the time it ended, he was wiping tears from his eyes.

“This is so touching,” he said, adding that he had no idea about the song and that he was hearing it for the first time. He then went on to play the song a second time.

Armys took to the comments to note that the fact that Jungkook cried shows how much the song meant to him.

Youtube user @pinkmonkeyproductions commented: “Did you hear JK (Jungkook) say on his live today that he was going to memorise the lyrics and sing it for you, for us? Wow! Such a magic moment you created for us all!”

Another user, @wintersmochijimin8826 posted: “Thank you so much! You made Jungkook and the whole BTS happy… I am very grateful to all the armies who sang this… I am proud to be an Army. I cried with Jungkook.”

Meanwhile, Jungkook continues to make music history with his solo single debut.

Last week, his single ‘Seven’ (featuring Latto) entered the UK Official Singles Chart (typically regarded as the UK equivalent to Billboard’s US charts) at number three, setting a record for the highest debut of any song by a Korean soloist.

On July 28, the Official Charts revealed that the song was now spending its second consecutive week on the Official Singles Chart at number 13 — making it the first song by a Korean soloist ever to spend its first two weeks in the top 15.

Seven also topped the US billboard charts last week.