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Soheir El Bably. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Iconic Egyptian actress Soheir El Bably died on Sunday after spending three weeks in a coma at an intensive care unit in a Cairo hospital, local media reported.

She died at the age of 86, leaving a legacy of remarkable theatrical, cinematic and TV work.

Many artists, cultural figures and organisations from Egypt and the greater Arab world have mourned the death of the veteran actress, who collaborated with some of the best talents of different generations.

Born in 1935, El Bably joined the Institute of Theatrical Arts in Cairo after finishing her high school. She shined on stage starring in a number of the most loved Arab classics including ‘Shamshoum and Galila’, ‘Sulieman El Halaby’, ‘Madrasat El Moshaghibeen’ (School of Troublemakers), ‘Raya and Sakina’, ‘Ala El Raseef’ (On the Pavement) and ‘Attiya Al Erhabiya’ among others.

She also starred in many TV series, including ‘Alf Leila Ei Leila’ and her most remarkable hit, ‘Bakiza and Zaghloul’.

In cinema, El Bably starred in some of the most famous productions in the period between the 1950s and the 1990s, such as ‘Sawaq Nus Al Leil’, ‘Youm Min Omri’ (1961), ‘Amira Hobbi Ana’ and ‘Haddota Masreya’.

She retired at her peak in the late 90s after appearing in over 100 works, before returning in 2006 with the TV series ‘Alb Habibi’.