Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix gives electrifying performace at the Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai, on Decemebr 16, 2021. Image Credit: Falah Gulzar/Gulf News

Even after two hours of continuous dancing and electrifying music, everyone went wild at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai when DJ Martin Garrix surprised the crowd with one last song after supposedly closing the show.

Part of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), the spectacular performance by the Dutch DJ on December 16 left the crowd cheering even as people left the venue.

Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix performs in Dubai as part of Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) Image Credit: Falah Gulzar/Gulf News

Garrix who has a billion Spotify streams for ‘In The Name Of Love’ with Bebe Rexha and millions and millions of views on his YouTube channel, is easily one the world's most famous DJs currently. The full house at the arena, which can hold 17,000 people as per its website, was testament to that.

From the moment Garrix took the stage wearing his iconic graphic black T-shirt, thousands of EDM lovers broke into sychronised jumps, which only stopped when he thanked Dubai and called it a night.

Clothing retail worker, Roji Simbulan, who was waiting for the DJ to come back to Dubai said she "enjoyed the fun show". Talking about the DSF, the 25-year-old said: "I am so happy that we are getting to enjoy concerts in Dubai and I am looking forward to what this edition of the [Dubai Shopping] Festival brings."

Laser beams hit the crowd as DJ Martin Garrix plays EDM
Laser beams hit the crowd as DJ Martin Garrix plays EDM Image Credit: Falah Gulzar/Gulf News

Garrix not only gave music enthusiasts something to appreciate but the audience got a multi-sensory experience with smoke, fire, laser beams, graphic art displays and even dollar bills being sprinkled onto them.

The DJ played his megahits such as 'Animals', 'Scared To Be Lonely', 'Summer Days' and more. The concert is part of a number of live events which DSF is set to bring for its 27th edition.