Vicky Kaushal Image Credit: IANS

Bollywood’s current blue-eyed boy Vicky Kaushal has just announced his next film, unveiling the project’s concept artwork on social media.

Kaushal, who is also celebrating the two-year anniversary of his hit film ‘URI: The Surgical Strike’, has teamed up with the same makers to unveil ‘The Immortal Ashwatthama’.

In a social media post, Kaushal wrote: “Overwhelmed and ecstatic! On the 2nd anniversary of, the team gives you a glimpse into the world of #TheImmortalAshwatthama Cannot wait to get onto this journey….”

The film is written and directed by Aditya Dhar and is being produced by RSVP Films.

According to mythology, Ashwatthama was a character from the Hindu epic, ‘Mahabharata’. He was the son of the guru Drona who fought the great Kurukshetra War siding with Kauravas against the noble Pandavas. According to legend, Ashwatthama was cursed by the Hindu deity Krishna after he used a divine weapon in an attempt to kill the unborn child of the Pandavas and end their lineage. The curse stated Ashwatthama will roam the earth, suffer in agony and never die.

Kaushal’s upcoming Bollywood films also include ‘Sardar Udham Singh’ and an untitled film by Vijay Krishna Acharya.