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Actor Varun Dhawan with his fashion designer girlfriend Natasha Dalal. Image Credit: IANS

Actor Varun Dhawan said while on an episode of ‘Koffee with Karan’ that he will support the dreams of his longtime girlfriend Natasha Dalal.

“That’s why I’m with her because she has her own individuality, she has her own voice which is super strong with things she wants to do and things she wants to achieve in life. And, as her partner, that is something I want to support, you know. And, she has been so supportive where my career is concerned, always, from day one actually,” Dhawan said.

Dhawan reminisced about their relationship on an episode from the sixth season of the show hosted by Bollywood director Karan Johar.

“We were in school together. We were just friends, we weren’t dating then. But since day one she has been supportive of my dreams and it has to be the same,” the actor said. “It has to be equal from my side. From my side, I have to be supportive of her dreams also, or what she wants to achieve, or what she likes. Eventually, I think as a couple you want to evolve together.”