Sanjay Dutt with his wife Manyata Dutt. Image Credit: IANS

Sanjay Dutt’s wife Manyata Dutt, who flew to Mumbai from Dubai on Tuesday afternoon on a special charter flight, has issued a statement thanking her husband’s army of well-wishers for their prayers and urged them not to fall prey to speculation.

On August 11, it emerged that Dutt was battling stage 3 lung cancer, but the actor is yet to confirm the news. All he said was that he was going on a self-imposed sabbatical from work for some time.

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“There is a lot that the family has gone through in the past years but I am confident, this too shall pass,” said Manyata Dutt in a statement. The mother of twin children also made a plea not to fall prey to speculations and rumours, but to just pray for them.

“Sanju has always been a fighter, and so has our family. God has yet again chosen to test us to overcome the challenges ahead. All we seek is your prayers and blessings,” said Manyata.

The actor, 61, has led a controversial life. Called the original bad boy of Bollywood, Dutt is considered a reformed rake after his battle with drugs and his wild partying days.

He ran into serious trouble with the law when he was arrested under the Arms Act in 1993 and convicted for possession of illegal weapons procured from those accused in the 1993 Bombay bombings. After serving his sentence, he was release in 2016 and has made a comeback in Bollywood through several blockbusters.

Manyata urged her husband’s fans to have a positive outlook.

“Let us use this opportunity to spread light and positivity,” said Manyata.