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Bollywood star Salman Khan performs during Riyadh Season in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on December 10, 2021. Image Credit: REUTERS

Bollywood actor Salman Khan brought in his 56th birthday on December 27 at his farmhouse in Panvel, where he was earlier bitten three times by a non-venomous snake.

The star shared more details about the December 25 incident while talking to the media who’ve been camped outside his home to get a chance to speak with the birthday boy.

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Salman Khan at his Panvel farmhouse. Image Credit: Instagram

“It wasn’t much, a snake had entered one of the rooms, the farmhouse is quite in the jungle in Panvel,” he told the media, according to Indian Express. “When the snake entered the room, kids got scared so I went in to see and asked for a stick, the stick that came was a small one so I asked for a longer stick, and they got one, with which I picked up the snake with a lot of love and brought it out, and the snake wrapped itself on the stick and then it started climbing upwards. It came quite close to my hand so I caught it with my other hand and dropped the stick to be able to leave the snake [in the jungle].”

According to reports at the time, Khan was taken to a hospital in Navi Mumbai after sustaining the bite and he was dismissed in the early hours of December 26.

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Khan also told the media that he was given anti-venom for a number of snakes at the hospital.

“I am doing fine now, I have taken an anti-venom for almost all snakes... because we were not sure if it a poisonous snake or not, just by looking at it. After giving me the shot I was kept there for six hours for observation,” he said.

The ‘Tiger’ actor assured the media that the reptile was not killed.

“We did not hurt the snake, we made sure we handled it with utmost care and love,” the actor said.

Khan seemed quite calm about the whole accident, saying he “made friends with the snake and got a picture clicked with it... It must have also bit me because it was scared.”

The actor also mentioned his plans for the New Year on the personal and work front.

“It is all going to be about spending time with family, as they are all here,” he told media. “We’ll be here for a few more days and then get back to work. As the New Year sets in, ‘Tiger [3]’ shoot will resume. We’ll see what all films to give the audiences next year.”