190202 Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut Image Credit: PTI

Actress-director Kangana Ranaut says it is wrong of Krish to accuse her of taking away his credit from ‘Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi’.

Krish, who co-directed ‘Manikarnika’, is upset as Ranaut claimed that she directed 70 per cent of the film.

“He has been credited for his work in the film and it is very incorrect on his part to say something like that. If he has any issues with the film, then he should talk to the producers and should not attack me for that reason,” Ranaut said. “He should prove whatever he is saying. Nothing will come out of it if he will keep talking about it in the media.”

‘Manikarnika’ is a historic drama about warrior queen Laxmibai.

“Fortunately or unfortunately, I have directed the film. All important decisions regarding the film were taken by me. So, I just want to make one thing clear that this film has been released and nothing can happen now,” she added.

The star is confident that her next directorial will be better than the period drama.

“People are saying that we want lead roles in the film. I just want to tell them that work hard for that. They will not get anything by crying in public. They should earn their place. Today, I have become a filmmaker on my own credibility. I will once again direct a film and it will be better than ‘Manikarnika’,” she said.

The actress also responded to remarks made by actress Mishti Chakraborty, who said that she was “hugely disappointed” to see the final screen time given to her character in ‘Manikarnika’; Sonu Sood, who had to walk out of the project due to date issues; and filmmaker Apurva Asrani, who also accused Ranaut of taking his credit from ‘Simran’.

“I would suggest Krish one thing — he should make one film with this entire company. In that film, he should cast Sonu as a villain, Mishti as lead actress and he should hire Apurva to write the story of the film. He should make such a film that I can get to learn a lesson from that,” she said.