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Indian television actress Mahhi Vij revealed on June 7 that she lost her brother to COVID-19 and thanked Bollywood actor and activist Sonu Sood for his support.

She revealed her personal tragedy by sharing Sood’s post about her brother’s demise, along with a personal message for her brother whom she calls her biggest hero and strength.

"I haven’t lost you I have found you brother.You are my strength.I love you baby bro today,now n forever.Until we meet again love you bacha.How I wish I can rewind a few days n hug you tight and never let u go.We loved you but god loved u more.My hero for life," she  wrote along with an image of her young brother taking a selfie.

Sood, who has been at the forefront of helping with the COVID-19 humanitarian crisis in India, posted: “A 25 years boy whom we were trying to save, lost his battle to COVID-19 today. All these days despite knowing that his survival chances of survival were minimal. I would speak to the doctor everyday with hope. Never had the guts to share the reality with his parents, who knew what ....”

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Vij, who has been sharing pictures of her sibling on her Instagram stories, thanked Sood for his unrelenting support towards her family as they fought the virus.

“Thank you @sonu_sood for helping us get a bed for my brother. At times when I had no courage you gave me hope. I would Hope that my brother will be home when somewhere you were battling with the truth. I am forever thankful to you. Thankful for your strength, for your heart that is genuinely trying to help, thankful for your courage, thankful for your positivity and for all the help you are providing to thousands and millions who are in need of help!” she wrote.

Vij also thanked comedian Bharti Singh for checking up on her brother while he was ill at the hospital and her other friends who stood by them.

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Indian comedian Bharti Singh