Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone at Gulf News office. Image Credit: Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News

Bollywood actress and former adult star Sunny Leone is coming to terms with her new way of life as a mother where she has to put masks on her children before stepping out due to escalating fears over coronavirus spread.

“A new era! So sad that my kids have to now live like this but it’s necessary. Training toddlers to wear a mask. Day 1 …,” posted Leone on her verified social media account. A picture of three young children in stroller and their faces covered with colourful masks, along with their parents wearing a black mask was also put up along with the post.


While many are wearing masks around the globe, the jury is still out on whether covering your face with a mask can truly protect and insulate you from deadly strains of viruses.

Leone isn’t the only one exercising caution. Actors including Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor were spotted wearing masks around Mumbai. Actress and fitness enthusiast Shilpa Shetty has also posted a fitness video in which she is seen showing exercises that can be done during self-isolation. She claims the stairs are amazing to do indoor exercises and even goes on to demonstrate the various exercise moves that can be done on the stairs of a home. Her post on Instagram, earlier in the week, was oddly inspiring.

“You have two options in this time: either you USE your mind or LOSE your mind. Time for Creative Ingenuity.”