Dubai-based ‘Jalebi Baby’ singer Shweta Subram on her sweet success
Dubai-based ‘Jalebi Baby’ singer Shweta Subram on her sweet success Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News

The sweet success that the Dubai-based Indian singer Shweta Subram enjoyed with her hit club anthem ‘Jalebi Baby’ continues to spread saccharine joy in her flourishing singing career.

“I just learned that the ‘Jalebi Baby’ song has been featured in an episode of Ms Marvel on Disney HotStar … Marvel is such a big brand and it’s so cool to know that this song is going places! Less than a year ago, the Jason Derulo version had come out, and it still continues to make waves,” said Subram in an interview with Gulf News.

The hit mini-series ‘Ms Marvel’ on Disney Plus has burst into the public consciousness, with its first Muslim superhero headliner Kamala Khan and her origin story. The ‘Jalebi Baby song’ has been featured in the second episode.

“Marvel is something I have associated myself with since childhood since I was a big fan of their comic books. And it just feels incredible that my song is now a part of the mammoth Marvel Franchise. Earlier, songs from Rajinikanth and Shah Rukh Khan’s films were featured, so this is a big deal,” said Subram.

Earlier this week, Shah Rukh Khan’s legion of fans were excited to spot their iconic actor’s references in the series. Ms Marvel aka Kamala Khan is seen sitting in a car with a bunch of her buddies and her crush drops a reference about how Khan’s films are his absolute favourite.

Indian pop-cultural references are aplenty in this series.

Tesher X Jason Derulo in their collaboration for 'Jalebi Baby'

Subram, who was born and raised in Dubai, earned the quirky moniker ‘Jalebi Baby’ girl after she lent her brassy and bold voice in Canadian singer Tesher’s song that captured the imagination of the world. Even pop sensation Jason Derulo wanted a piece of it, while celebrities such as Alia Bhatt were spotted dancing at her best friend’s wedding to ‘Jalebi Baby’.

“The song just blew up boundaries and it continues to be a big hit and it gives me so much happiness … Everywhere I go, the introduction begins with me being called the ‘Jalebi Baby’ singer,” said Subram.

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Shweta Subram Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News

Recently, she was invited by a fitness company in Dubai because they have included her song led by Tesher on their workout roster.

“This song has broken all language barriers! There’s Punjabi and English … It’s truly a multilingual song with widespread appeal,” said Subram, who lives in Dubai Marina and continues to travel to Mumbai for her singing assignments. She made her Bollywood singing debut with ‘Hawaizaada’ alongside Ayushmann Khuranna.