T-Series head Bhushan Kumar with his wife and producer Divya Khosla Kumar Image Credit: AFP

After Sonu Nigam opened up against T-Series chairman and MD Bhushan Kumar, the latter’s wife Divya Khosla Kumar has hit back at the singer.

Khosla Kumar has accused Nigam of “selling lies” as a way of seeking publicity and called the singer “thankless”.

“Today it’s all about who can run a good campaign. Im even seeing people being able to sell lies and deceits with their strong campaigns. #sonunigam such kind of people know how to play with the minds of the audience... ” Khosla Kumar wrote on her Instagram stories.

She went on to address the singer, saying that T-Series gave Nigam his big break in Bollywood and if he was so upset with Kumar, why did he choose to stay mum?

Accusing Nigam of being a publicity hound, Khosla Kumar further stated in her stories that she directed videos at the bequest of the singer’s father as well.

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Sonu Nigam Image Credit: GN Archives

Earlier this week, Nigam opened up against Kumar in an Instagram video, warning him not to mess with him. The singer also threatened of leaking a video of Marina Kuwar, an actress who had reportedly accused Kumar of sexual harassment in an interview.

Shortly after Nigam’s video was posted on Twitter, Kuwar also posted on social media saying she is battling depression triggered by “unwanted incidents”.

“When your life changes drastically due to some unwanted incidents happened in your life, that time you choose to go into depression. No one knows how badly these incidents effect your life. Sometimes we give up and we end up with our life! Feeling so depressed #Depression #Life #MarinaKuwar,” she tweeted.

Kuwar was last seen in shows such as ‘CID’ and ‘Aahat’.

While Nigam recently spoke about ‘mafias’ ruling the music industry in an Instagram video, he had also received support from singers Adnan Sami and Alisha Chinai who have come out and spoken on the same.