Kriti Sanon and Jacob Smith
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Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon has written about sharing a special bond with the Scottish child actor Jacob Smith who starred with her ‘Mimi’.

In the movie, Sanon plays a woman named Mimi who agrees to be a surrogate for an American couple in exchange for a large sum of money — an amount that would change her life and allow her to chase her dream of being an actress. However, the parents change their mind and leave. Mimi ends up giving birth to the boy and naming him Raj.

“Oh my blue eyed son... When i was prepping for Mimi, i knew that Mimi & Raj’s bond was unique and special.. she was his best friend, and he was her everything!” Sanon wrote on Instagram alongside a video of the pair hanging out on set and having fun.

“I knew that i wanted Jacob to love me and to be so comfortable with me that on the set ,after his own parents, he looks for Me! He knew me as Mimi and not Kriti..I became a child with him and he opened up his arms! I remember the day he randomly said “I love you Mimi” and my heart just melted! What a brilliant bright kid.. I love you Jacob!” Sanon added.

In an interview with BBC, Jacob’s globetrotting parents Kris and Julie Smith said their son had to learn Hindi for the role.

“We got relocated to Mumbai for acting lessons and he learned how to speak Hindi,” his mum Julie said in an interview. “He had around 20 pages of dialogue in Hindi and he was only three-years-old at the time.”

“He learned the lines, but he’s a Scottish boy and in the film he’s an Indian boy brought up in Rajasthan, so they couldn’t use his actual voice because he doesn’t have the dialect,” she added. “They dubbed over his voice in the end.”