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Actress Alia Bhatt recently shared pictures of her underwater photo shoot on social media, and since then many social media users feel the pictures bear an uncanny resemblance to Sameera Reddy’s underwater maternity shoot, which she did in July before giving birth to her second child.

In her photo shoot, Reddy had flaunted her baby bump in two sets of bikinis — one hot pink and the other neon green — all underwater at a hotel’s swimming pool. Reddy was lauded for breaking stereotypes and myths around pregnancy.

Bhatt’s photo shoot is for a magazine, and the actress can be seen posing underwater in hot pink and neon green outfits.

Reacting to the comparisons, Reddy said: “It’s silly to draw comparisons between me and Alia. It’s was not easy for me shooting nine months pregnant and that too underwater. It was a challenging project for and I take this news as a compliment because I think Alia really pulled it off in style.”

Reddy and her husband Akshai Varde welcomed their daughter Nyra in July. She got married to businessman Varde in 2014 and had their first child, Hans, in 2015.