Abdullah Lutfi Abdul Qader Al Rais
Artists Abdullah Lutfi and Abdul Qader Al Rais. Image Credit: Supplied

Emirati artist Abdullah Lutfi has shared his journey as a person on the autism spectrum through quirky drawings displayed at his second solo exhibition in Dubai.

A student of Mawaheb from Beautiful People (Mawaheb), a Dubai-based art studio for people of determination, Lutfi’s collection of 116 canvases is showcased at Cuadro Gallery, Dubai International Financial Centre.

For the exhibition, the 27-year-old has worked on 100 20x20 inch canvases — all drawn in black marker. One of the highlights of the show is a 2x2 metre painting of the Dubai Expo 2020 site.

Abdullah Lutfi_Artwork 2-1600761745080

Lutfi’s love for Japanese culture has also found a place at the exhibit with a piece that depicts artist Yayoyi Kusama. In a 2019 Gulf News interview Lutfi talked about his fascination with everything Japanese.

“I have visited Japan several times. I love everything about the country from its pop culture, anime, their games, icons and landscapes. I hope to marry a Japanese girl one day,” he quipped.

The exhibition will be on display until the end of the October, five days a week, Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 7pm. The venue will allow only 12 visitors at a time.