Two for joy. The husband and wife duo -- contemporary artists Ashvin and B'lu Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A husband and wife are showcasing their first set of collaborative artworks in an exhibition at The Space in Abu Dhabi this week.

‘The Apple Tree’ series displays 25 combined canvasas in mixed medium produced between 2012 and 2015 by Abu Dhabi-based artists Ashvin and Archana RD aka B’lu. While Ashvin is a practising doctor, Archana who prefers to be known by her moniker B’lu, is a freelance writer.

“This is the first time the two of us have worked on the same canvas. Ashvin’s medium is transparent and light while I prefer bold and dark. We wanted to see whether our collaboration can enhance or spoil the creative experience,” B’lu said.

Ashvin, who is colour blind, said the core concept behind the exhibition is the deep trust they share in a creative space.

“Art is a very personal thing. I would not like somebody else meddling with an image I have created. But we trust and understand each other so much, and that is reflected in the artworks,” said Ashvin.

On working with colours that he cannot see, Ashvin says that is his only limitation as an artist. “I do not identify colours. But I play with the contrasts of colours and other components like lines, shape, texture and composition.

Ashvin’s expertise is in the abstract realm with free-flowing media, whereas B’lu prefers nature’s bounty with bold colours and thick textures. Together, they bring forth the ‘morphed’ new creative standard.

The exhibition that started on August 17 will run till August 29, and includes four series such as Mind Map, Arabian Roots, Sapta Swaras and Entangled.

They are also holding workshops and lectures on the sideline. Saturday’s session, “Why Abstract Art?’ is an interactive mixed media workshop that will address topics such as artist as curator, notions of display and artistic practice itself as well as art as therapy.