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A 30-second teaser has dropped for a new documentary titled ‘The Full Story’, premiering on paid streaming service Shahid VIP on July 16.

The short film will feature interviews with Nancy Ajram and her husband, who in January was charged with shooting and killing a home invader in self defence.

Ajram’s husband, celebrity dentist Fadi Al Hashem, repeatedly shot the man who broke into their family home in the early hours of January 5. Reports said that Al Hashem fired 16 shots.

In the documentary teaser, which is in Arabic, Ajram can be heard saying: “Minutes passed by like a year. Did Fadi die? He didn’t die.”

A voice behind the camera says: “There are details that we, and the people, need to know. You’re going to tell us everything.”

“Of course,” replies Ajram.

Social media reaction

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Ajram with her husband, Al Hashem Image Credit: (source: @nancyajram Instagram)

Social media users were split in their reactions to the upcoming documentary.

While some hoped that it would shed more light on the incident, others referred to it as an exploitative, opportunistic and one-sided project.

Earlier this year, Al Hashem alleged the man, identified as 30-year-old Mohammad Al Mousa, was trying to rob their home.

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Surveillance footage showed Al Mousa entering the property via the balcony and making his way to upstairs bedrooms, according to reports.

“To anyone who is criticising Fadi, put yourself in his shoes and see what your response would be,” said Ajram, who claimed her children — Mila, Ella and Lya — could hear everything that had happened.